HDSL Match Official Fees 2019


U13                                                      $45/$35/$35
U14                                                      $45/$35/$35
U15                                                      $55/$45/$45
U16                                                      $55/$45/$45
U17/18                                                 $60/$50/$50  

Men's/Womens                                    $70/$55/$55

U13/U14                                                      $45/$35/$35
U15/U16                                                      $50/$40/$40
U17/U18                                                      $55/$45/$45

Men's (O35/45)                                            $65/$50/$50

U9 – U10                                              $30/NA/NA

U11-U12                                               $40/20/20

Any discipline reports are to be completed on E2E refcentre within 48 hours of match completion by Match Officials.


Match Official fees are to be paid at the field, in cash (Correct change) before the start of the game by the home team (100% of fees)  for the following divisions:

Men's Competitive
Men's Recreational

Youth Competitive

Youth Recreational


 Exception for cup games where most 2019 divisions referee fees will be split 50/50 for all rounds unless otherwise stated below. 


Recreational- 50/50 all cup games

Competitive- 50/50 all cup games

O45- 1st round cup is 100% home team, 2nd round is 50/50 split

O35- All cup games 50/50

Men's Competitive-  All cup games 50/50

Cup Finals – HDSL will pay the Match Officials.


No Fees shall be paid if the Referee must declare the game cancelled or abandoned prior to the start of the game. Referee is required to collect the game sheets at the field and submit to the League within forty-eight (48) hours to be eligible for payment by the HDSL.

In case of a game forfeit/no show by a team, the team will be subject to discipline plus Match Official fee. Referee is required to collect the game sheet of the Team present at the field and submit to the League within forty-eight (48) hours to be eligible for payment by the HDSL.

Once the game has been started it is considered played (not necessarily competed) and Match Officials are entitled to their fees regardless of how much of the game has been played

NOTE: If District assignor is required to find a referee for a game due to lack of availability of local referees the home team will be responsible for mileage costs.



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